Additional Service Support

As one of the leading food service consultancies in the UK, we have a wide range of resources that we are able to draw upon in order to offer a full and complete food service consultancy service. These additional services include:

Full Kitchen and Dining Room Design

With the ability to become involved at any of the RIBA stages. We can tender, fit-out or undertake it all ourselves on your behalf.


Shirley Mundy is our trainer and management mentor. Peter Pitham, Managing Director, is a fully qualified chef having spent 7 years undertaking his craft apprenticeship. As such, he trains chefs and regularly works alongside kitchen staff training and guiding them through the various disciplines.

Equipment Supply

We are able to advise on and supply an extensive range of kitchen and dining room equipment. We have established knowledgeable partners over the years who know our exacting standards. As operating consultants, we know what works and what does not.

Cleaning, Tendering and Advice

Catering Consultancy Bureau is able to provide expert advice on tendering and benchmarking for cleaning services.

Facilities Management

Offering value for money in terms of maximising the interactivity between all support departments. Our experience is drawn from many years in the facilities market placing us in a position to provide tendering and expert advice and resource.


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