“Anything that is measured and watched, improves.”

It is well known that most new catering operations start well but over a period, the initial standards tend to drop, and costs tend to rise, with no visible signs of improvement.

If this is the position with your own catering operation, then a catering audit can assist to re-focus a caterer’s attention. It may be a gradual fall in standards that the caterer hasn’t appreciated, and a catering audit will help here. In addition, following the realisation of all the benefits that a catering review can bring, it makes perfect business sense to ensure that these benefits are maintained post tender. A catering audit can ensure that these benefits continue.

Catering Auditing

Catering Consultancy Bureau has a concentration of the most talented people in the catering consultancy sector. This talent has assisted the Bank of England, House of Commons, House of Lords, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Legal organisations, City Boys School, and several NHS establishments. We really are in a perfect position to assist you in your own catering situation and, with your auditing requirements.   Our track record demonstrates that when we have become involved with a catering operation, costs, standards and quality aspects all improve.