Benchmarking – How Do You Measure Up?

The food service industry is growing at a remarkable rate. In the last 8 years the Industry has seen an increase of some 75%.

This growth is in some-way a result of market consolidation. This may be good news for the shareholders, but not such good news for the clients who are responsible for catering operations.


Catering invoicing and administration have become more complicated, perhaps more so than is really necessary. As catering services advance and become increasingly more sophisticated, so do your employees. It is therefore vital that today’s clients keep up, not only with the latest catering trends but with technology as well.

So, how can you ensure that your own food service operation is performing to industry benchmarks? How can you be sure that you are receiving the maximum return on your investment in refreshment and hospitality services?

Catering Consultancy Bureau can provide you with the comfort that the services you are managing are performing to the relevant standards. Food cost, gross profit, sales to labour ratio and patronage can all be assessed and the findings reported back to you.

“Your advice has enabled us to examine elements of our catering operation and bring them back in line”.

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