Financial Analysis

Delivering financial efficiency by analysing all elements of financial trading

Our financial analysis examines all areas of financial trading and provides benchmarks of how your own catering operation compares with similar units.

For contracted-out operations we analyse all aspects of the budget to ensure you are receiving the maximum return on your investment from your catering services.

Financial AnalysisFinancial Analysis

We often achieve savings in excess of 22% whilst improving performance in terms of quality and efficiency. Areas examined include:

  • Purchasing evaluation
  • Budget to actual analysis
  • Discount audit
  • Contractual examination
  • Catering reduction strategies.

If you have a concern over the financial performance of your own catering operation or would like to know more about how Catering Consultancy Bureau can assist you with any of the above aspects, please contact us.

Financial Analysis – “The added dimension of establishing a measurable contract with performance carrots and sticks will ensure this value is carried through the term”.

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