Monitoring and Auditing Catering Performance

Catering Performance – Do you solve problems or ensure that they don’t happen in the first place?

By having a regular schedule of auditing and monitoring, our clients ensure that the performance of their catering team is optimised whether the service is operated on an in-house or contracted-out basis.

Our track record demonstrates that when we have audited a catering operation, costs, standards and quality aspects all improve.

Catering Performance

The audit is a comprehensive process during which key aspects of the catering operation are examined and benchmarked.

Where the auditing process is managed in tandem with our tendering process we have demonstrated continual improvement on a year by year basis, reducing costs whilst improving quality. Our system is based upon gradually improving performance standards whilst reducing our clients’ overall investment in the provision of their food service operation. We structure targets and objectives that are normally linked to the caterer’s income. In addition should the caterer perform above expectation, a financial reward is provided but not at the expense of the client.

We have an on-line system that enables our clients to share the audit results with chosen members of their organisation. This is particularly valuable for clients who are responsible for group business and want to see all relevant site results in one place.

Catering Consultancy Bureau ensure that our clients get the very best from their investment in the provision of their catering services and that this level of service is maintained.

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