Purchasing & Discount Analysis

During client discussions, the topic we invariably centre upon is purchasing with further dialogue concerning food cost and sundry consumables purchased by catering contractors, which are then charged to the client account. With this in mind we pose the following questions:

Are you receiving value for money and do you benefit from all the available purchasing discounts?

Discount AnalysisDiscount Analysis

How can you be sure that food and sundry items purchased by your catering company represent value for money?

What are the various discounts you hear mentioned?

Should you have any doubts about your caterer’s purchasing arrangements, then simply contact us. We have several options available to you which can include the following:

  1. We will undertake and report back at no charge to you, a simple evaluation of your purchasing arrangements.
  2. Should it be required and with your approval, we can then arrange for a purchasing specialist to prepare a detailed analysis of your purchasing to compare with the industry norm, for both contracted-out and in-house managed operations.
  3. Should you still be dissatisfied with your caterer’s purchasing provision, then Catering Consultancy Bureau can make alternative consortium arrangements thereby allowing you immediate potential savings.Click here to find out more