Subsidy Reduction

Subsidy ReductionA growing number of clients are striving towards a zero subsidy, however, the way to achieve this is dependent on a number of very important factors.

There is no magic formula for achieving nil subsidy, however, there is always a way to achieve a nil cost service; the key is to balance the services required against the associated costs. There are, however, certain key criteria that need to be satisfied in order to achieve zero subsidy or nil cost.

In order to successfully reduce subsidies without compromising on service quality and the range of offers, the client, consultant and caterer must work closely together over a period of time. A clear long-term strategy will enable services and costs to balance, whilst providing customers with a service of perceived value and quality.

Experience with Subsidy Reduction

Catering Consultancy Bureau has extensive experience of working with clients and caterers in order to achieve a subsidy reduction. It isn’t always possible, however, if you would like to find out more simply click on the link below.

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