A refreshing approach to food services and management consultancy

What has driven you to review your catering?

CCB is a UK based strategic change and solution specialist with a clear understanding of our markets, with the ability to deliver bespoke individual solutions.

Our expert consultants work with clients in a number of sectors and markets including Education, Healthcare, Business and Industry, Conference and Events, Visitor Attractions, Stadia and Arenas.

We are therefore familiar with the challenges in a wide variety of settings and we work in collaboration with other companies such as design teams to deliver bespoke projects.

Innovation is designed and intentional. It is no longer a luxury but an essential part of our overall review process. We are confident in our ability to fully meet our clients’ requirements.

“We can only achieve our objectives after first delivering yours” – Your Trusted Partner

Our Catering Services

What Comes First?

Catering Tender Management

Monitoring, Benchmarking & Auditing

Catering Health Check

Options Appraisal

Subsidy Reduction

Financial Analysis

Purchasing Analysis

Additional Services


Full Kitchen & Dining Room Design

Equipment Supply

Cleaning – Tendering & Advice

Staff Training

Executive Lease

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