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Fundamental to the success of any project is to gain a clear understanding of the nature and extent of our client’s requirements. We do this by listening to what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it. This stage often provides a firm foundation for the outcome.


We take what you want to achieve and check it back to you. We then use our experience to develop and enhance your ideas into what we believe to be the most advantageous outcome. 


We do not have the only license for good ideas, so we talk to each other within CCB. This brings over 100 years of front-line expert experience to your project, and some of the most comprehensive benchmarking information, that allows us to structure our strategy and activities for the future. 


We have over 100 years’ experience of making things happen. Our people are the Captains of industry and have been at the fore front of innovation, proficient at turning concepts into live realisation. We really do back ourselves to deliver. 


We believe that this is the start of our relationship, we measure, monitor and inform you of the success of our activities, after measuring every detail. The option is for your success to grow year on year, confident in the knowledge that your “Captains” are sailing the ship. 


“If you can’t measure it, then you can’t improve it." This is where we ensure that all the promises made during any review, are delivered. There is measure in all things, and your catering operation is no different. We will walk the journey with you ensuring all aspects over the years are meeting and exceeding expectation.

The CCB Advantage- Innovation

CCB is a UK based strategic food service management company

We are change and solution specialists with a clear understanding of our markets and the ability to deliver bespoke individual solutions. We are experts in our field, but experts in the food service industry. Innovation is designed and intentional. It is no longer a luxury but an essential part of our overall review process, and we really do back ourselves to deliver.

Catering Consultancy Bureau was established to bring an innovative and a new fresh approach to food service consultancy, with measurable outcomes. Our experts, amongst the most talented in the industry and ready to engage. Our reputation for delivering excellence is envied in our industry- Why would our competitors pay to have their company above ours in a Google search!?

“We cannot achieve our objectives without first delivering yours”

We work with selected companies and markets such as Education, Healthcare, Conference and Events, Visitor Attractions, Stadia and Arenas, Business and Industry amongst other key markets. We work in collaboration with other companies such as design teams to deliver bespoke projects.

Our Services

Purchasing & Discount

Are you really getting the best value for money? We can tell you!

Tender Management

It makes good business sense to review your support services on a regular basis and catering is no exception.

Options Appraisal

An Options Appraisal will evaluate all the options for delivering your catering service in the most appropriate way.

Subsidy Reduction

A growing number of clients are striving towards a zero subsidy, however, the way to achieve this is dependent on a number of very important factors. 

Design Services

We work with the longest established design company in Europe who constantly deliver on time, to specification, and within budget. Our clients get the best of both worlds from both a catering consultant working with the design company, a benefit not often found in the industry. 

Financial Analysis

Delivering financial efficiency by analysing all elements of financial trading.

Catering Health Check

A Catering Health Check gives our clients the reassurance that their catering operation is performing to industry guidelines and benchmarks.


A catering audit ensures that any deficiency in your catering operation is reported, and full corrective actions advised, ensuring your catering operation is, and continues, to operate and optimum services levels.


How do you measure up against the catering market? Benchmarking will tell you just how your catering operation is compared to industry benchmarks           

Nil Cost Catering

Clients are increasingly looking towards the nil subsidy model (Nil Cost Catering) as the trend towards cutting catering subsidies continues. We have extensive experience and an excellent track records in this field.

Executive Lease

Our experience has proven that a longer-term arrangement will provide a client with all the support and resource that they need to cover.

Concept Development

Our team have developed food concepts and established successful operating models with organisations across multiple sectors, including charities and social enterprises.

We like to talk

“We believe that we can only achieve our objectives by first delivering yours”

Our consultants have an enviable reputation of delivering bespoke food service and catering consultancy solutions to a diverse range of clients.

“We believe that we can only achieve our objectives by first delivering yours”.

Company Profile

We are providers of independent, professional advice for catering and hospitality. Our role as catering consultants is to provide advice and assistance to managed foodservice operations regardless of whether they are self-operated or contracted-out.

Established in 2002, Catering Consultancy Bureau has successfully grown and developed into one of the leading catering consultancies within the UK. Our founding principles are to bring clarity, professionalism, innovation and true cost-effectiveness to a food service operation, ensuring quality and value for both client and customer.

Experienced within all the catering market sectors, our consultants enjoy a reputation for developing and delivering sustainable solutions thereby ensuring quality and value for both client and customer.

We specialise in these market sectors:

  • Business & Industry
  • Healthcare
  • Central and Local Government
  • Public Catering
  • Education
  • NHS Catering Markets
  • Purchasing
  • Sport & Leisure

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