Client Profile:

Simmons & Simmons LLP is a world-class international law firm with over 2,000 people and 20 offices located in major business and financial centres throughout the world.


Following a five year period with a leading catering organisation Simmons and Simmons, as good business practices dictates, reviewed their catering operation. The catering activities are extensive and complex involving 42 meeting rooms with audio visual facilities; Partner dining rooms, private dining rooms with hospitality requirements, a full range of client service catering and accommodation.

 The staff restaurant provides catering for 850 staff on a daily basis together with an extensive deli bar and staff shop. A competitive tender was structured and a carefully chosen range of caterers were invited to tender. The tender process was structured around our unique business plan tender, designed to measure the caterer’s performance and improve the catering facilities on a constant and on going basis.

Outcome of Project:

Due to the way that the tender document had been structured, the caterers were allowed to focus on those aspects considered as key to the success of the catering operation. The successful caterer was chosen for their approach, environmental credentials and quality. We were retained to undertake performance measuring and auditing of the contract on a six monthly basis. Working with the caterer we have significantly improved the customer satisfaction element from 75% to 88% together with a significant increase in measurable quality, over a relatively short period of time.

In addition, Catering Consultancy Bureau has worked with the caterer closely on a gradual reduction in subsidy, the results of which are now a six figure sum. The business plan tender has assisted with all processes allowing performance to be measured and improved where required.