About Catering Consultancy Bureau

Catering Consultancy Bureau was established in 2002, to bring a fresh pioneering approach to food service consultancy, with measurable outcomes. We have successfully grown and developed into one of the leading catering consultancies within the UK. Our founding principles are to bring clarity, professionalism, innovation and true cost-effectiveness to a food service operation.

Our experts are amongst the most talented in the industry and ready to engage and our reputation for delivering excellence is envied.

We work with our clients and their catering teams, enabling them to respond to changing needs brought about by external events, whilst building in flexibility for the future.

Experienced within all the catering market sectors, our consultants enjoy a reputation for developing and delivering sustainable solutions, thereby ensuring quality and value for both client and customer.

Our role quite simply is to support your business, providing advice and guidance for all catering matters.

Catering Consultancy Bureau specialise within the following market sectors:

  • Business & Industry
  • NHS Catering Markets and Healthcare
  • Central and Local Government
  • Education
  • Conference and Events
  • Visitor Attractions
  • Stadia and Arenas

Please browse our range of services via the menu to discover how Catering Consultancy Bureau make a difference to our clients’ catering operations.

Catering Consultancy Bureau – Your Trusted Partner