Financial Analysis

Our financial analysis examines all areas of your operation’s financial trading and compares them with the budgeted costs and industry benchmarks.

Areas examined include:

  • Purchasing
  • Budget to actual analysis
  • Actual to industry benchmark
  • Contractual examination
  • Catering reduction strategies

Catering invoicing and administration have become more complicated, perhaps more so than is necessary.  This has prompted the question regarding what has been included within the invoice.

Catering Consultancy Bureau offer an invoice checking service, whereby the invoice is sent from the caterer to Catering Consultancy Bureau for review and approval prior to it being submitted to the client for payment.  This ensures that any anomalies are addressed at an early stage, resulting in a more streamlined payment process.

Are you concerned over the financial performance of your own catering operation or would like to know more about how Catering Consultancy Bureau can assist you with any of the above aspects?

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