A. This is a common occurrence and one of the reasons why Catering Consultancy Bureau was established. Caterers can earn their income from a number of sources and not just the management fee. One of these may be purchasing discounts. It is dependent on your own individual arrangements with the caterer as to whether they return them or not. Sundry items, employment costs and purchasing amongst others are all areas from where a caterer can earn additional income. Clearly, the caterers are in a commercial business arena where they need to make money for their shareholders. The pressure to make an improved return for their shareholders means that on occasions efficiencies have to be made. Catering Consultancy Bureau works with the client and the caterer to review these areas and bring costs back in line. Again, the savings made almost always covers the cost of us achieving this.

In addition, a caterer’s attention and resource is very focused on your operation when it is new. After a period of time the area manager normally has a few more operations and newer clients to look after and their attention is focused elsewhere. This is when standards slip and costs may appear to start increasing. Catering Consultancy Bureau can help and assist in this situation by conducting incentivised quarterly reviews, helping the caterer to achieve those initial standards again.