The Northern Racing College provides equestrian training both within and outside the horse racing industry, providing training that meets the needs of the British Horse Racing community including owners, trainers, breeders and racecourses. From its stunning estate and stables it provides residential and non-residential courses, identifying learners’ needs and aspirations, particularly those of young people from difficult backgrounds, teaching them responsibility and integrity.

The catering services had been outsourced for some time. The Client was not entirely satisfied with the management and flexibility of the day-to-day operation and in addition, the financial model required greater clarity and gearing to meet the specific VAT needs of the College. Catering Consultancy Bureau (CCB) was engaged to undertake an independent review of the catering service and make recommendations for its future operation within a high level report which involved:-

  • Determining to what extent the College was obtaining value for money with the existing arrangements
  • Pointing out areas of the contract for further discussion with the caterer
  • Undertaking a high level review of the monthly charges
  • Looking at customer service and how it was implemented
  • Reviewing menus and evaluating the choice of all meals
  • Providing overall advice for future contracts

The CCB report highlighted a disparity in terms of the current needs of the College and the service level agreement in place with the caterer, however, the overall service provided appeared to be of good quality and a good relationship was in place between the College and the onsite team. The quality of provision and the ability to deliver was not necessarily in question but immediate financial aspects needed to be addressed with medium term reviews for the future provision of the service. CCB recommended effective measures to be put in place by the caterer during an extension to their agreement in order to give the College sufficient time to fully assess its future requirements.