Awarded Foundation Trust status in 2005, this Trust provides a wide range of health services to the people of Rotherham and to an increasing number of patients from further afield. One of the first 35 trusts in England and Wales to achieve NHS Foundation Trust status, it has developed a reputation as a thriving and successful organisation achieving recognition at local, regional and national levels. It is an innovative, high performing organisation which continues to develop and grow at pace. One of the most forward-thinking trusts in the UK, it is at the leading edge of health service reform and achieving outstanding results.

Catering Consultancy Bureau (CCB) was engaged to support the Trust with re-tendering the contract for the delivery of catering services for patients, staff and visitors. The Trust were using this opportunity to fundamentally re-think their catering requirements and explore alternative delivery models, undertaking a complete review of their approach and delivery system and looking to embrace new ideas, innovative technologies and alternative options across the full range of the catering and vending provision.

CCB supported the Trust through the review process which included representation from various internal stakeholders. A comprehensive tender review was undertaken and the most appropriate caterer who fully met the requirements of the Trust was appointed.

A bespoke and planned catering service was introduced that featured new initiatives driven by the Trust and CCB, to ensure that the patient experience met all expectations. Not only were these initiatives successfully introduced, they were undertaken with a significant saving to the Trust. This catering model is now considered by many to be an example of just what can be achieved through the combination of an experienced foodservice consultancy with an NHS trust, working together with a catering organisation to establish an effective and efficient catering service.

We continue to support the Trust with bespoke auditing and monitoring of their patient, staff and visitor food services.