The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) is the “home of enlightened thinking and belief in a world where everyone is able to participate in creating a better future”.  Its headquarters, and primary asset is RSA House, a beautiful Georgian building in Central London.  The RSA is a charity, so relies heavily on its Fellowship and the revenue it generates from venue activities to survive and flourish.

Catering Consultancy Bureau (CCB) supports the RSA in developing the commercial activities within RSA House and with maximising the value of the venue to the Charity.  RSA House also contains Rawthmells Coffee House, which is a flexible destination where Fellows’ meet, eat and socialise.  CCB played a role in redesigning the Coffee House and provides continued creative input into the development of this space.

A comprehensive benchmarking process was recently undertaken by CCB, which resulted in the relationship between the RSA and its venue service partner being extended, and a new incentive-based contract established.